• Digitize

    Upgrade your business to be part of the new digital economy

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  • Cloudify

    We move your business to the Cloud

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  • Data driven

    Unlock the power of data with analytics, business intelligence and automated decision-making

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  • Work From Anywhere (WFA)

    We build connected platforms, freeing your teams to work anywhere and anytime

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Companies looking to be part of the new digital economy must digitize in order to grow, be competitive and provide levels of services that clients/customers increasingly demand. We can help by analysing your existing platforms to work out how best to automate, digitize and digitalize to unlock value for your business. We provide solutions both bespoke and using our proprietary Kazzola Technologies, but always ensuring they are fit for purpose and best in class. We will also be there when you go live with our support tools as well as fully on call teams for 24/7 peace of mind.

We can help you with moving to the cloud to unlock efficiencies in cost and performance, we can help analyse your existing data stores to create new data architectures that can be used to mine insights, intelligence, which in turn can lead to new opportunities and faster decision-making for your business.

We can help build distributed, but connected platforms for your internal and external processes, so your teams can be in touch with each other and their clients anytime, and anywhere. We do this with our proprietary chat, video and audio conferencing as well as our fully automated BPO engine for integrating workflows seamlessly into experiences that are intuitive, but customised for your business every time.


Our consultants
can work to analyse your platforms and design solutions to adapt and grow your business to a the world becoming more digital,-
 more data-driven
and always connected


Our solutions are designed and implemented to help businesses increase revenue whilst reducing costs, improving efficiencies and always within budget constraints. We always work to find solutions that are fit for your purpose

Managed Services

We provide seamless post-sales support, including 24×7 on-call, including constant monitoring & maintenance of services & solutions. We can also help provide your teams with the necessary tools to run your own support centre with fully automated and digitized processes

Workmatec is a Global IT Services Provider

We are passionate about technology and building solutions that help move the needle for our clients, regardless of their location or timezone. We have successfully delivered solutions for clients in a variety of industries and regions such as South Asia, MENA, Europe and North America.

What We Do?

We provide software development and IT professional services to our clients. Workmatec has proven record of executing large scale projects, both for public and private sector. Our success is based on our ability to meet client’s requirements in the best possible way.

We are comfortable working with SMEs as well as larger enterprises and welcome projects big and small, simple or complex. Through many years’ of experience and successful delivery we can help our clients solve problems in a variety of key areas:

  • Digitisation of your Business

    Tech Consultancy, Software and Systems development, Mobile applications, e-Commerce applications

  • Cloudifying your Business

    Cloud Migration, Hosting/Support services, Security in the cloud, Amazon, Azure or Google.

  • Building Data-driven Businesses

    BI, analytics and data modelling.

  • Distributed, Connected Teams

    Work From Anywhere solutions, Collaboration tools, Audio/Video conferencing, DevOps setups.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated solutions builderspassionate about technology and problem solving. Nothing gets us going more than tough challenges -except maybe that double-espresso with a caramel syrup kick! We love working with our clients to find the best possible fit-for-purpose solutions, and we are always on the lookout for new partnerships to help us deliver quality and sustainable products and services. We believe that we only grow as a company if we can help our clients to grow as businesses.

Customer Testimonials

This operation would not exist without the generous contributions of time, work, and resources from Workmatec. We are very grateful for the support.

Program Manager IVAPIRC

My biggest compliment to Workmatec digital services is that it’s boring but amazingly useful. Glad that we chose you.

Inspector GeneralICTP

All the knowledge, the tooling, the team is great – you have all the tools to succeed in writing code for us.

Director ITChina Mobile (ZONG)

With an increasing number of technical queries, Workmatec anticipated the need to get ahead of operational costs, scalability challenges and automate analytics to identify potential failures before they impact the customer.

Director OperationsSkyElectric

Case Studies

Matrix Safety

Digitisation and Business Intelligence enhances resource optimization for a safety & risk management firm.



Cloud computing and Business Intelligence transforms operations management for a renewable energy solutions company.


Fearless Security

Work From Anywhere solution enables revenue increase for a security service provider.