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Chat directly to your social circle

Messaging & chat

Chat directly to your customers, work buddies or your loved ones, wherever they are.

Create, manage and perform tasks

Perform Tasks

Create, perform and manage tasks to maximize your productivity.


Personal Assistant

AI-powered Chat bot

A powerful chat bot that understands your needs and serves you accordingly.

Make data available to your social circle

Share Your Documents

Easily share your pictures, documents and more with a single click.

Use cases

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Acme Pizza Bot

Order a pizza by naturally communicating with a pizza bot, under few seconds. Made with ❤ using Kazola

Ask The Pilot Bot

Put forward your thrilling questions that an experienced Pilot bot would reply back to. Made with ❤ using Kazola.

Acme Services Bot

Glass building services, whenever you need, as you need. Made with ❤ using Kazola

Acme Pizza Mini App

An instant App which can be called via scanning QR code. Made with ❤ using Kazola





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